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Personal  Guardians  provides  a  range  of  cyber  security  consultancy 

services  to clients on a national or international scale.

We  have  the  capability  of  using  Close  Protection  Officers  which 

come  from military   or   law   enforcement   backgrounds   or   have  

extensive   experience providing  close  protection  services  both  in 

hostile/  non-hostile  environment roles.

Close  Protection  services  are  tailored  to  each  clients  individual 

requirements and  we  have  the  capability  of  deploying  solo  operators 

or  full  CP  teams.  We use  both  male  and  female  Close  Protection 

Officers  and  can  put  together mixed or single sex teams as required.

Personal guardians can be deployed in the following roles:

Cyber security

Film Production / Location Security

Golf Players / Advents Security

Close Protection

Wedding Security

Man Guarding Service

Security Drivers

Residential Security

Asset Protection

Having  the  correct  security  team  in  place  can  be  an  asset  to  any 

company who  has  a  customer  facing  role  or  requires  their  services 

to  be  delivered  on time with minimal disruption to service due to theft

and break-ins.

All  Close  Protection  Officers  are  trained  above  standard  equirements 

with most  of  our  security  staff  being  trained  to  FPOS  I  to  enable 

them  to  perform first  aid  as  well  as  security  duties  ensuring  we 

meet  and  exceed  most  of  our clients requirements.

At  Personal  Guardians  we  offer  high  quality  Cyber  security  service 

and  the capability  of  using  Close  Protection  Officers  at  competitive 

prices.  Please  get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

If  you’d  like  more  information  about  Personal  Guardians  contact  us 


via email : craig@personalguardians.co.uk 

or send your equiry here,

we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

A modern approach to security with old fashioned values
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Service Spirit

Spirit of Progress

Spirit of Progress

We  believe  excellence  in  service  means 

finding every  opportunity  for  improvement. 

It  means going   the   extra   mile,   taking  

the  initiative, looking  for  better  days  doing 

things  every  day. We  learn  from  our 

mistakes  when  they  occur.  In these   ways  

we   each   make   progress   and   the company

as a whole succeeds.

Service Spirit

We  are  proud  to  provide  service  to  others.  We take  care  in  getting  to  know  our  clients  and customers.  We  anticipate  thier  needs,  listen  to what  they  say  and  pay  attention  to  the  detail. We  make  ourselves  available  and  are  responsive, welcoming  and  efficient.  What  we  say  is  what we  do.  We  believe  we  must  always  keep  our promises.